MyPhone Agua Storm Price Comparison

MyPhone Agua Storm is my first Android and Smartphone. I owned this for as low as P2999 at Mati City mobile stores.The smartphone specification is  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 1.3GHz Dual-Core Processor, Wi-Fi GSM Tri-Band, 4"WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen, Dual SIM, Expandable memory up to 32GB, 512MB internal storage 256MBRAM, Camera 3.2 rear and VGA Front, and 1600Ahbattery capacity. Also a Free 8GB micro SD Card. 

When I browse other prices on the internet, I found out that this MyPhone Agua Storm worth P2799 in I compute also the tracking fee because I'm here in Mati City in Mindanao. The tracking fee is P100 pesos plus the amount of the smartphone is P2799 pesos so the total payment must be P2899 pesos. The P2999 for me is higher than the price of 2899 at lazada and we save P100 pesos.

If you notice also that in lazada you must wait your order 5-10 days because I'm outside Luzon and you must pay the amount after your order arrived. But here in my place Mati City, I automatically get the item after I pay the amount. So It depends on your need or the cost of the item and the decision is in you where to buy.

Create a background with border style in photoshop

In this tutorial I teach you how to create a background with border style and text paragraph.As you notice that we use the default tools and object to create this design and below are the final design.

1.Click file menu and select new or use the shour-cut keys "CTRL+N". In the dialog box use the default photoshop size and press Enter or click Ok.

2.Select elliptical marquee tool to create our bubbles.

3.To create a bubble or circle object, drag a circle in your design like image below.

4.Create a new layer for the bubble/circle object.

5.Next is adding a background color of the bubble/circle object. Right click inside your bubble and select fill and after the dialog box appear select background color in use option.

Fill Color

Select Background Color

6.Repait step 2 to 5 to create a multiple circles/bubbles with colors like image below. 2 colors and right click your circle/bublle layer and select blending option.

Set two colors

Select Blending Options

8.On Layer style dialog click the "Gradient Overlay" and select the color you created in step 7 to apply the two colors you selected.

Gradient Overlay

9.Repait this steps on you other circle/bubbles to apply a two color combination.

10.Change the background color using the blending option under color overlay like image below.

Color Overlay

11.Change the circle opacity into 50 like image below.Repait this step to apply to all circle/bubbles.

Set the Opacity

12.Select the "Rounded Rectangular Tool" and in the tool option set the radius into "10 px" and create a rounded rectangle in the center of your layout.Set the color of your rectangle object into white.

Rounded Rectangle Tool

With Rounded Rectangle
13.Change the opacity into 50% the same in step 11 and the output like the image below.

Rectangle with Opacity 50

14.Add a text paragraph inside your layout. Add a drop shadow located in the blending option of the text you created. In the drop shadow style set the distance into "2" and the size into "5".(Drop Shadow Style.png/Text paragraph.png)

Apply a Drop Shadow

Text with Drop Shadow

15.To add title just follow step 14. Done!

Sun Cellular iMB Latest Promos Postpaid

Sun cellular offer 100MB of monthly surfing for as low as P 99. To subscribe just text MB99 to 247 valid for 30 days. Below are the following keyword option you can choose.

Keyword,MB,Price and Validity

MB10 10 MB of Mobile Internet PHP 10 1 Day
MB20 45 MB of Mobile Internet PHP 20 1 Day
MB30 70 MB of Mobile Internet PHP 30 1 Day
MB99 100 MB of Mobile Internet PHP 99 30 Days
MB299 300 MB of Mobile Internet PHP 299 30 Days
MB499 1 GB of Mobile Internet PHP 499 30 Days

Text < KEYWORD > to 247.

The SKK Meteor for P1,999 SRP

Another affordable Android phone offering by SKK Mobile. The SKK Meteor for P1,999 SRP. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, 1.2 GHz Dual Core, 4.0 Capacitive touchscreen, 2MP Rear + VGA Front Camera, 2GB ROM / 256MB RAM, Wi-fi / Bluetooth, Dual Sim Card, Dual Standby, Expandable Memory up to 32GB and Available Colors in Black, White, Blue and Violet.

View all shared folders in Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial I teach you how to view all shared files and folders on your computer using Windows 7 Operating system. In my case, my computer has multiple shared folders and it is difficult to find it. So I found a solution using the basic operation and function of Windows 7 Ultimate.

First Open "My Computer".

On the left side of the dialog box right click the "Computer" and select "manage" and the computer management dialog box open.

On computer management find and click the "Shared Folders" and double click  sub folder "Shares" to view all shared folders on your computer. To remove your sharing folders just right click a shared folder and select stop sharing.


You can also view all shared folders in Windows 7 using the command prompt (cmd). Just select run and type cmd to open the command prompt window. Type Net Share and press enter. All of your shared folders will display and also the location of the folder.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Create a simple logo

In this tutorial, I teach you how to create a basic log using the default tools in photohop. We use two circle objects and a shape in the center to form the logo. Below is the final output.


Follow the following steps below:

Create a new layout and use the default photoshop size.

New Layout Form
Click the ellipse tool and create a circle. My default circle color is red.

First circle with red color.
Create a 2nd circle and add in the center of your first circle. I use white for my second color. See image below.

Second Circle with with color

Click the Elliptical Marquee Tool and create a circle selected area in your layout. We used this for the curve text of the logo.

Elliptical marquee tool

With Elliptical Selected Circle 

Right click the selected circle and select "Make Work Path" and set the tolerance into 2.0 and click ok button.

Make a new path for text

Select text tool and click the new circle work path to add text. Add you text depending on your need like image below.

Circle with text
Add a costume shape in the center of your circle.
Circle with text and costume shape


Starmobile Turbo Specification

5" HD Quad Core Android KitKat Smartphone with Double Tap to Wake/Sleep, Call & Text Filtering, and Multipoint Gestures. Now only: Php 6,990.00 Click here to buy!

Soruce image from starmobile offical website

  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • MediaTek MT6582M
  • Dual Core Mali-400MP2
  • 5-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • HSPA+ Download up to 21.1Mbps
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G: 850/2100MHz
  • Up to 32GB Micro SD
  • 1GB + 4GB
  • 145 x 71.5 x 9.9mm
  • 12MP AF + 5MP BSI Cameras
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • GPS + A-GPS
  • 2000 mAh Battery
  • Starmobile Sync
  • Free Smart Flip Cover and Screen Protector
  • Up to 250 hours Standby Time
  • Up to 6 hours Talk Time
  • Regular + Micro SIM, Dual 3G Standby
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Double Tap to Wake and Sleep
  • 1.3GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A7
  • Multipoint Gestures
  • Call and Text Filtering
  • Smart Camera Controls
  • Battery Saver

Computer System Troubleshooting tips and tricks

Troubleshooting personal computer is not difficult, the Technic is to understand and study the computer components function. First you must understand the major parts of the computer system especially in the motherboard parts. Motherboard has five major parts, The CPU, Memory, North bridge controller, South bridge controller, and Display. See image below.

Five major component of the motherboard 

Usually trouble of a computer system is no display in the monitor, if you encounter that error? you must understand the beeping of the computer. beeping is one of the Technic to understand the error, if the beeping sound out is (1 long  3 short and 1 long) meaning the malfunction component is the memory. So remove the memory chip and clean it, and also the memory slot. After cleaning the memory and the slot, try to attache the memory and turn on your computer. congratulation if you succeed but if not, try to perform again from the beginning.

This time a am troubleshooting a computer system with no display error. The problem I encountered is still no display after I remove, clean the memory.  Note that not all the time we suspected the memory if your computer is no display. At this time i suspected the motherboard because all of the component attached to the mother board is functional. Question is how to identify the functional and defective motherboard? The answer below.

To check if your motherboard is defective or functional you must attach a system speaker, system speaker is used for beeping purposes so that the technician can understand the error. After attaching the system speaker, try to turn on your computer, if the system speaker beep your motherboard is functional but if not, your motherboard is defective.

 Below are the screenshots of troubled computer system.

DDR Memory Chip (1GB)

Inside the computer system

Specification of this computer system:
  • Motherboard - AsRock 775156G
  • CPU - Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory - Samsung DDR 1GB
  • HDD - Seagate 80GB IDE Type
  • PSU - G-Force ATX-500W
  • CD-ROM - Asus 52x max speed

Mobile Power Bank 2600 mAh

Mobile power bank is very useful  in all mobile phones. This type of mobile bank is 2600 mAh and can support all mobiles and smartphones. It is very useful if you are in a place with no electricity. If this power bank empty, you can charge it using your laptop, computers or a compatible charge. I get this power bank from my friend for as low as P 300.00.

Power bank inside a box

The power bank with green color

In port for charging the Power bank and USB Port for  mobile phones

Tattoo Home Broadband LTE 4G Huawei B593s-22 Modem Review

This modem  is a high speed modem for 4G LTE internet connections under globe internet services. Features a high speed internet connection, distribute wireless connection to all wi-fi devices, a 4 LAN Ports available, Two telephone port available, and a share storage functions using USB port.  This modem belongs to Globe Telecom property.


  • LTE B593s-22 Modem
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Information

Unbox the Tattoo Home Broadband LTE 4G Huawei B593s-22

This Tattoo Home Broadband LTE 4G is a high speed connection I ever used. Watching to youtube videos is not hustle because no buffer connection. Also distribute a high speed connection to all wi-fi device like mobile phone and smartphone.After two weeks I encountered a problem (refer to my past post) in signal connection and my modem is in red mode and no signal display. I already call the globe customer support regarding to my connection problem and until now nothing happened. I already contact to the installer and said that the problem is in the globe system, not the modem. Until now I still waiting for the globe supporting staff to fix my problem. When my connection problem solved, I write new articles for the updates.

Please see some screenshots below:

Front view of the modem

Back view of the modem

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Working with text and colors

In this tutorial I tech you how to create a simple text with color. Text is very important of graphics design because all of the layout in the world bundled with text. To complete this tutorial please follow all the steps below (we are using Adobe Photoshop CS4).

Create a new design(CTRL + N) and name it with (text and colors).

Create a new Layout

In the preset select Default Photoshop Size (The width and height should be 7 x 5 inches) and click Ok button or press enter.

In the Tools Click Horizontal Type Tool and click the white part of your document.See the image below.

Add Text to the Layout

Set the Text Color into any color except white because our document background is white, you can see nothing when all are white.See image below.

Set The Text Color

Type any text depending on your needs. Please Note that all of the formatting of text is located in the tool option bar.

Tool Option Bar

You can change Font Face, Size, Color and Alignment of text like the image below.

Final Output


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